Santa Claws and Paws 2010

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Santa Claus is without a doubt the busiest man in the world throughout the year, but especially in December. Surely he must be using magic in order to be present in all these places on such a short notice. And Santa never forgets anyone – not even his furry friends! On the 5th of December, Santa visited the Cherry Creek Shopping Center to meet the furry companions of Denver.

Denver’s pets and their owners were looking forward to the annual Santa Claws and Paws event in the Cherry Creek Mall long before December. Every year, Cherry Creek invites dogs and cats (and their owners) to dress up for the holidays and to come to the mall to have some keepsake photos taken with Santa.

Cherry Creek Shopping Center is located in the heart of Denver and is the premier shopping environment of the Rockies region. The Cherry Creek Mall is transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland this year enriched with a number of beautiful ice sculptures and of course Christmas carols sounding in every corner. The ambiance of luxury and twinkling Christmas decorations is a perfect background for all the well behaved dogs and cats that dressed up wearing bow ties, fancy hats, holiday sweaters, jewelry, and much more.

The furry high society flooded the runway filled with expectation and excitement for meeting Santa and (maybe) Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer….

Santa Claus on his turn was, of course, very honored to be getting all this attention from the pet community, especially because of the fact that all the animals took the time to dress up and look their best just for him.

More than a hundred wagging and licking creatures were showing off and took part in this unofficial costume contest and were criticized and admired (a lot of proud and jealous looks) by their friends or competitors and their owners.

Santa Claws and Paws 2010 was a great and successful day for all contestants and their humans. Of course we’ll never know who enjoyed it the most: Santa Claus, the pet owners, or the well-respected cats and dogs. We do know, however, that above many fireplaces in Denver there will hang a picture of Santa Claws!

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