Jingle and Mingle

admin December 4, 2010 0

Straight from the heart of Tennyson Street in Denver, comes the offer of unique merchandise, in the form of mom-and-pop venture, with the friendliest service ever seen.  Every year they have the Jingle and Mingle:  The 12 days of Christmas. It starts on December 1st and goes through to December 12th, and this year the fun is stepped up a notch.  During this event for every purchase of $5 or more you make at a participating store, you get an instant registration in a drawing for one of more than fifty gift cards, so that you are not left empty handed, and that makes everyone a winner.

On the last two days, there will be carolers out on the street, stores will host open houses with refreshments, and Santa will be stopping by.  Since children are very fond of Santa and all the toys that he bring, children will be given the unearthly offer to eat breakfast with Santa during this time and after breakfast, Santa will be strolling the streets.  On the last day, Santa reads Christmas stories to the children, giving his warmest wishes to all and making their time a wonderful experience, which they might never have ever again.

From early morning, starting at 8:30 am until 10:30 am, the morning theme is there, with breakfast, and some upbeat events going on to start the day. Then moving on, the mood slows down for a mellow three hour session, full of lunch and some soothing shows and all to go along with. I can assure that you will find something of interest at the event.

When the children see Santa walking around, they are sure to have a fun-filled experience. Even the adults will find that they never had such an experience before in their lives. With wonderful eating options at the exquisite restaurants and other stores, people will find this long weekend celebration to be a unique way to celebrate this holiday season.

Your children will stay happy all while they are there and you will be glad that you decided to bring everyone down there. The best part is that it is an open event and you don’t even need to have reservations made, no matter how many people you are bringing along with you. Just hop into your car and come to have fun with Santa!

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