Dragon Boat Festival and Cherry Blossom Festival

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These are two more festivals you will find in Denver:

The Dragon Boat Festival is held on the last weekend of July at Sloan’s Lake Park in Denver and has free admission.  It is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.  It is a big party to celebrate Denver’s diverse Asian communities.  At Sloan’s Lake Park, they hold the Dragon Boat races.  During the first year, they were not prepared for the huge turnout and the vendors ran out of food.  There were only five food vendors at the time.  At that time, the festival was only one day.  In 2005, they expanded the festival to two days.

At the first festival, they had sixteen teams competing in the Dragon Boat races and now they have over forty-eight teams.  They race to win the coveted Dragon Cup.  They have also added the youth division and Competitive Race Divisions.  These races make this festival the most unique summertime free family event in Denver.  They also have an Asian marketplace is a wonderful place to shop for artwork, gifts, novelties, and fashions.  They reflect the cultures from across the Pacific and Asia.

This festival also offers a Taste of Asia Food Court that portrays some of the areas best Asian restaurants.  It also shows the culinary talents of individuals and organizations who prepare a weekend of food for your enjoyment.  At the festival, you will also find performing arts of the traditional and contemporary talent of the Asian community.

The other festival is the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is held on a weekend near the end of June.   It is a celebration of the Japanese-American culture.  You will find music, dance, arts, and food when you go to the festival.  You will be treated to traditional Japanese music, singing, and dancing on one stage and on another stage you will learn cooking techniques, story telling, and how to dress yourself in a kimono.   There will be booths were you can purchase authentic Japanese items like Kimono silk vests and jackets, traditional dolls, and lanterns.

If you would like to learn more about the Asian or Japanese culture, see their handicrafts, taste their food, or listen to the music and singing, then you should visit both of these festivals when they are held.  Either festival would be a way to learn about the Asian culture and experience something new.

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