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Tour de Fat is an event organized to encourage good health through engaging in different events aimed at maintaining optimal physical fitness. The events can include cycling, sightseeing, and any events that will increase one’s level of fitness. The 2010 Tour de Fat that took place in Denver was inspired and organized by Belgium Brewery. The event, apart from encouraging physical fitness, promoted and encouraged bicycling in Denver. The benefits of biking contribute to being environmentally friendly and this theme was also promoted through the event.

Why Participate in the Tour de Fat?

1.     The program encourages people to expose the in-borne cyclist instinct to take part in the program in the spirit of good health.

2.     The Tour de Fat tries to leave a footprint of good deeds by recycling waste while the tour was in process. The 2009 94% waste conservation is a confirmation of the success of the event’s efforts.

3.     The event also doubled as a philanthropy opportunity. The event raised $1.25 million from selling products at the Tour de Fat.

4.     Biofuel was used to power all entertainment venues at the 2010 Tour de Fat: the decorations, music, etc. The fuel was made from recycled waste from oil, the grid created by this self power invention events was used by all including the merchants at the event

The Company Behind the Tour de Fat

The event Tour de Fat is indeed a wonderful invention and a great fund raising source. Belgium Brewing Company is the maker of Fat Tire, a Belgian-inspired beer from New Belgian Brewing Company that was started in a Fort Collins basement. What started in a basement has now blown over to become a great beer celebrated by all.

Rules of the Tour de Fat

The following are some of the rules around the event:

  • Participants are expected to come by bike alone with no accompanying transportation
  • Have respect for other participants
  • The event embraces and recognizes people who come as participants and not spectators
  • Participants are not to bring drinks from the outside; drinks are supplied at the event
  • It is a non-profit event; New Belgium takes no profit from the proceeds of the Tour de Fat

Tour de Fat is a very interesting event and should be encouraged and attended by all seeking good health and goodwill for others.


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