Denver Juneteenth

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Juneteenth is a remembrance ceremony that was originally celebrated in Texas in memory of Texas slaves gaining freedom. Juneteenth is a fusion of two words, which are June and nineteenth. This day is celebrated as a commemoration for the date June 19, 1865 when the slaves in Texas were freed. It is marked as a freedom day and is an official holiday in the state of Texas.

Juneteenth is also observed as a state holiday in Colorado. The Juneteenth celebration was over shadowed in the 1960s, but in 1970s the concept for a Juneteenth celebration was renewed and people started campaigning for the official state holiday. The bill was passed in 1979 to make Juneteenth a paid holiday and it was officially celebrated in 1980. Now 26 states including Colorado have been recognizing and celebrating Juneteenth as an official holiday.

As Juneteenth is an official holiday, a lot of festivals and other activities are arranged for the occasion. A special Juneteenth parade is organized to mark the day; live entertainment, food display, arts and crafts and merchandise are also part of the festivities. The Juneteenth is also called the Freedom Day or Emancipation Day. The day marks end of the era of ruthless slavery and the unjust and ill treatment of slaves, based on racism and prejudice.

Junteenth is celebrated as an official holiday, but in some states it is a partial holiday. The celebrations start with the historic proclamation of Abraham Lincoln on June 19, 1862. African Americans celebrate the day with zeal and arrange family reunions, sing songs written by African poets, dance and rejoice.

The Juneteenth celebration kicks off with a traditional parade, followed by family reunions, street fairs and cookouts during the course of the day. Traditional American games are also played at the event like basketball, soccer and baseball. Juneteenth is the oldest celebration in American history.

Juneteenth is also celebrated in Denver, Colorado with pride as a lot of festivities take place on that day. The day kicks off with a parade in the historical black neighborhood and the later on many other activities take place. Food vendors sell food and kids can have fun at the kids zone. Juneteenth has been celebrated with a lot of interest and fervor over the past few years in Denver.

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