Denver Greek Festival

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Do you love to attend different kinds of festivals? Are you fond of meeting new people? And if, by chance, you are curious about different cultures, such as the Greek culture for instance, then the Denver Greek Festival is a wonderful event to attend. Once inside this vibrant festival, there is no way you can NOT enjoy it. The festival and the cultural shows are specifically designed to combine the local beliefs and trends with international Greek traditions.

The Denver Greek Festival which represents Greek Culture in the Denver metro area is one of the very best Greek festivals in the country – all right here in Denver. This festival is conducted to honor Greek traditions and educate those who are interested in Greek culture by exposing you Greek events, food, souvenirs, and more. This Denver Greek Festival is arranged every year, at specific dates. It has already been held in 2010 (last June for 3 days), but the upcoming 2011 Denver Greek Festival is sure to bring just as much fun. The Denver Greek Festival is arranged in the summer – usually in the month of June, with slight changes in the dates every year.

It is also known as the Greek Outdoor Summer Festival. In this festival, one of the well known local Greek dancing institutions, the Hellenic Dance Academy, offers their services to treat the audience to traditional Greek dances. In the Denver Greek Festival, every year, the message of love and peace is spread, calling for peace all over the world, through the beautiful songs and music which are sponsored by the Hellenic Dance Academy.

Apart from the dancing and the music activities, which are especially designed to attract people and grab their attention, there is also a large range of Greek food items offered in the festival. These foods are not the only representatives of the Greek food, but they are some of the favorites. There are a large range of dishes such as Spanakopita, Tiropites, Greek Salad, Dolmathes, Pastitsio, Gyros Sandwiches, Lamb Sandwiches, Greek Fries, Galaktobouriko, Assorted Dessert Packages, Ouzo Shots, Coffee, Greek Coffee, Imported Greek Wines, and a cookbook called “Savor the Taste,” which gives insight to many other cultures in addition to the Greeks.

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