Denver County Fair

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The Denver County Fair will be held this year from July 28th to July 31st, which is not as long as most county fairs.  But there is a lot of fun packed into these 4 days.  The Denver County Fair is not going to be your traditional fair where there will be open pavilions and exhibits to see.  This county fair will still have ever popular rides, food booths, and carnival games. The big difference is that all the exhibits will be indoors in ten connected pavilions, with each pavilion having its own theme.

Some of the themes will be unique to Denver and others will have a traditional county fair theme.  There will even be an animal pavilion that will have many live animal competitions and displays.  Everyone will get to meet the animals, and there will be pony rides for the children.  There will not be any big animals in the pavilion like cows or hogs.  You can see chickens, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, and other small animals.

Some of the other pavilions will be the farm and garden, crafts, holistic techniques, fashion, green movement support, kitchen-related, youth themes, a welcome tent, and fine art.  They will even offer a “buy local” pavilion, which will offer many local Denver metro vendors and their products.  This pavilion will be the connecting gateway to the Stadium Arena, the Sideshow, and the Carnival.

When you visit the pavilions you will be able to see and visit vendors and exhibitors that fit that particular pavilion theme, a stage area for lectures, demos, workshops, entertainment, and competition entries from local residents, complete with the ribbons they won.  They will also offer a sideshow with live performers and crazy props, a skateboard rodeo, stadium events, crazy foods and competitive eating contests.

HISTORIC FACT:  Denver is where the cheeseburger was invented, so while you are visiting the Denver County Fair, you might see cheeseburger cook-offs, and cheeseburger eating contests.  There is a possibility that at this fair you might even see a Cheeseburger Queen.  What girl would not want the honor of being a Cheeseburger Queen?

The Denver County Fair is now part of the Colorado State Fair system so the winners of their various competitions will be eligible to compete on the state level at the Colorado State Fair, which will be held in Pueblo this August.

This will be a fun event for the whole family so make plans now to visit the Denver County Fair at least one of the days, if not all four days.  There will be so much to see, do, and eat.  If you have something you want to display, contact the fair board.

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