Denver Chalk Festival

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This year’s Denver Chalk Art Festival will be held June 4-5 from 10 am to 10 pm in historic Larimer Square.  This festival is a free 2-day street painting affair.  When you visit the festival you will find over 200 artists spending hours during the weekend making the streets of Larimer Square a museum of chalk art.

During this Chalk Art Festival, you will find professional artists, amateur artists, and even children drawing on sidewalk with chalk…and not getting yelled at for drawing on the sidewalk.  It is a wonderful site to behold.  Make sure that you take some time during this 2-day period to visit Larimer Square.

The history of the street painting began during the Italy Renaissance during the 16th Century.  These artist’s customary practices were recreating chalk paintings for the Madonna and were called “madonnari.”  They made their living from coins received from people who watched them do their chalk painting.

To do chalk painting is not an easy task because the artists first must draw an outline of the original painting using charcoal pastels, or pencil, and then comes the layering and shading until the chalk painting emerges.  Although they know that their chalk painting is not a permanent painting, they enjoy letting people see it all stages of progress, and sharing dialogue with the people.

During the Denver Chalk Art Festival, there will be 20 spots available for teams of youth groups and local schools to create their own work for cash prizes for their school or youth group.  Each group will consist of 6 children.

During the 2-day event you will get to watch 6 professional madonnari painters, 2 of which are Colorado residents, showcase their work.  There will be live music for your entertainment all weekend.  In addition to the youth and school groups and professional madonnari, there will also be a section just for children to do their own chalk painting.

For a small donation that will benefit local charities, the children will get their own bag of chalk and other goodies.  They can then make their own special chalk painting creation.

There will be 3 wine pavilions within the event.  You can purchase a bottle of wine, choose to have just a glass, or buy a tasting card that gets you 4 tastes and one glass for $15.  There will also be beer locations and a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for the whole family.

You can get to the Denver Chalk Art Festival by light rail, bus, or car.  There are even hotel packages for the weekend if you are coming from out of town for the festival.  It is family fun two day weekend so do not miss it.

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