Colorado Renaissance Fair

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The Renaissance was a fascinating period of the history of the Western civilization, when the bleak times of the Dark Ages were gradually replaced by the lights of a newly discovered civilization. It’s no wonder that, today, after more than seven centuries after the beginning of the Renaissance age, people are still fascinated by this era of our history. The residents of Colorado make no exception, and they too celebrate the glorious times of the Renaissance with an annual festival called the Colorado Renaissance Fair.

In 2011, the Colorado Renaissance Fair and Artisans Marketplace will celebrate its 35th anniversary. Taking place during the worm summer months in the town of Lakespur, a small community located about 43 miles south of Denver, the fair attracts thousands of visitors of all ages, eager to get a taste of the life during the Renaissance. This journey to the past is a genuine family activity, available at an affordable price, and guaranteed to be fun and engaging.

The events include various Renaissance-inspired activities: jousting between brave knights on their noble steeds, musical performances with rare medieval musical instruments like the carillon, mime and comedy performances, incredible sword swallowing acts and fire breathing demonstrations and much, much more. You can even try out a hypnosis session, or just listen to some soothing Celtic music.

The Colorado Renaissance Fair delivers tons of fun for the entire family, no matter the age or preferences. Especially children will love the amazing attractions of the Fair, from the exotic big cats to the magic acts. But grownups can find plenty of interesting things too – the fair includes an Artisan Marketplace, where dozens of artisans come to show off their medieval-themed creations. You can buy beautiful items of all kinds, from hand-made leather articles, to elegant copper sculptures, pottery and various decorations for your home.

To provide visitors with yet another reason to return to the Colorado Renaissance Festival, the fair organizers plan special weekends dedicated to a certain theme, all throughout the summer. The themed weekends include the royal ale weekend, the children’s weekend, the Celtic festival, and the farewell carnival.

The Colorado Renaissance Fair in Lakespur is a veritable family event, where everyone can have fun and relax, a status confirmed by the Family Favorite award received from the Colorado Parent Magazine. The Renaissance Fair shows that you can have a great relaxing and informative adventure, together with your family, without having to spend a fortune on it.

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