Colorado Irish Festival

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Colorado Irish Festival is a 3 day event that is celebrated every year in Colorado since 1994. The event is dedicated to the Irish community, but anyone can join the festival as it is all about getting together and having a good time. The festival organizes, music, dance, entertainment, kid’s fun, food and other entertainment.

The Colorado Irish Festival has everything for everyone, with food, fun and entertainment for kids and adults of all ages who can have a great time by attending the event. It does not matter if you are not Irish; everyone is welcome here.

The Colorado Irish Festival inspires the visitors to work as an environmental friendly unit. The festival encourages the visitors to ride bicycles and ride on rails when they are coming to the festival and to avoid using cars. Visitors have become a part of the Go Green campaign at the festival. You can pick any rail; rails run every 15 minutes, so there is no waiting around. All you need is to be accurate about the time and you will be saved from the hassle of using cars and parking them. You can ride your own bicycle if you want to. The festival encourages all its participants to ride on any environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

The best part of the festival is the Irish music, with performances from some of the greatest Irish bands. Albannach is a famous Irish band that delights the audience with its diverse Irish music. Barkley Juice is another famous Irish country and rock music band. Colcannon is an Irish band that flourished with its traditional Irish music and is famous for joyous and energetic performances. There are so many other exciting Irish bands that perform at the festival like Seven Nations, Runa, Mythica, Enter the Haggis, Ennis, and many more. You can have a fun-filled and exciting Irish music experience at the Colorado Irish Festival.

The thousands of years old Irish dance called Fies is also performed at the festival.  The Irish cultural village displays traditional Irish culture. You can also experience traditional Irish games like Gaelic football and hurling at the festival. Colorado Irish Festival displays a lot of traditional Irish food items and beverages.

The recycling campaign is also a part of the festival where you throw your used bottles in specific containers meant for recycling purposes. You can also take part in the festival preparations as a volunteer; anyone can sign up for the volunteer program.

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