Boulder International Fringe Festival

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The Boulder International Fringe Festival is a 12-day arts event that offers thrilling and exciting performances to the Boulder and Front Range community. This event is filled with live theatre, media art, visual art, circus art, dance, cinema, spoken word, workshops, storytelling and puppetry. The festival includes a wide range of workshops, family events, activity for local businesses and cultural activities. It features both local and international artists presenting a series of events at venues across the downtown Boulder. This annual, un-juried event is generally held every August 18 to 29.


A member of the Canadian Association on Fringe Festivals, the Boulder International Fringe Festival sees cultural improvement as the foundation of the region’s economic prosperity. Its cultural initiatives seek to revive the community and support businesses through the employment of more than 300 artists, administrators and technical crews. It serves the community by bridging the gap between audiences, businesses, artists and organizations in line with the global Fringe Festival network.


The inaugural Boulder International Fringe Festival was held in August 2005. In 2007, it generated about $750,000 in revenue for the city of Boulder and the state of Colorado, as well as the regional business community.

The Boulder International Fringe Festival chooses applicants by lottery and on a first come, first served basis. Those who are not accepted are placed on a waiting list and have the chance to be selected when vacancies arise.


Artists participating in this event are not paid but they get 100 percent of the sales from their shows. For theatre and dance shows, a non refundable application fee worth $42 must be paid in addition to the listing and production fees, which depend on the size of the venue. A theatre company with a 99-seat venue will likely cost about $665 in listing and production fees, which cover advanced ticket sales, venue fees, box office and tech staff for six shows, listing in the program, online audience rating and information on the online site.


For musical shows, the non refundable application fee stands at $29, while listing and production fees can range from $115 to $335, depending on the length of performance and venue type.


For theater and dance shows, venues can be either small (20 to 49 seats), medium (50 to 99 seats) or large (over 100 seats). For music shows, venues can be regular/bar venue or small/coffee shop venue.

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