Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas in Denver

admin January 24, 2011 0

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner for Colorado. If you are tired of the same old Valentine’s Day plans where you desperately try to get a reservation at a fancy Denver restaurant, only to spend a bunch of money on a meal that you may barely remember, then you will benefit from this list. Here are some fun and unique ideas for your Denver Valentine’s Day this year either with your lover or your friends.

  • Make your own romantic dinner for two with decorations, flowers and candles.
  • Dress up in reds and pinks all day.
  • Do your own Valentine’s Day photo shoot in your Denver home by pinning up some sheets as a back drop.
  • Leave little Hershey KISSES around with notes on why you love your partner to find.
  • Take a trip to an amusement park like Elitch Gardens in Downtown Denver, or visit the zoo or aquarium.
  • Plan a picnic and horse carriage ride along 16th Street Mall in Denver.
  • Set up a DIY spa day at home for the two of you.
  • Go horseback riding in the Colorado Rockies.
  • Bake Valentine’s Day cupcakes or cookies together.
  • Cuddle at home with a romantic movie and popcorn.
  • Throw a Valentine’s Day themed party with everyone you love.
  • Go snowshoeing at a Colorado mountain.
  • Rent one of many Colorado cabins and enjoy the day in the great outdoors.
  • Create a scrapbook together of your favorite memories together.

This year’s Valentine’s Day in Denver can be more than a usual date. Make it something fun and exciting like you are going on a date with your lover for the first time ever.

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