Union Station Update

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Just about a week ago, the Federal Transit Administration announced $1.3 billion in loans and grants for Denver’s 100-mile expansion of its transit system, including $304 million for the redevelopment of Union Station. As you know, the redeveloped station will be the hub for the entire Denver rail system.

For the Union Station Neighborhood Company, the announcement was the culmination of five years of hard work. This final piece of the funding puzzle confirms that our solution will become reality.

Our company is proud of the solution we have crafted for Union Station. Prior to our selection as master developer of the station, the original master plan called for spending all of the available FasTracks funds to build only the light rail portion of the transit program. There was no feasible plan for how to deliver the rest of the multi-modal hub at Union Station in any reasonable time frame.

Our solution accomplishes a number of things:

1. It accommodates every one of the transportation modes that converge at the station.

2. The program allows for future expansion as the metropolitan area’s transportation needs evolve.

3. The design of the redeveloped station and the integrated transit infrastructure will allow for the creation of spectacular public spaces. Those plazas and public squares link the residential neighborhoods of the Central Platte Valley and Highlands with the commercial districts of LoDo and the Central Business District.

4. The entire station will be completed within five years with the financial resources available to the community.

Denver Union Station Redevelopment

Union Station Redevelopment

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