The Brown Palace Hotel

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Built in 1892, this hotel is the second oldest hotel in Denver.  It is also the first atrium-style hotel ever built and is named for its owner, Henry C. Brown.  Frank Edbrooke was the architect that designed the triangular shape.  Some of the guests that have stayed at The Brown Palace Hotel have been legislatures, presidents, foreign officials, and entrepreneurs.

The “Unsinkable” Molly Brown was also a guest at this hotel.  She stayed only a week after she survived the sinking of the Titanic.  Some of the presidential guests have been William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt, Warren Harding, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry S. Truman, and Bill Clinton.  The Beatles have even been guests of The Brown Palace Hotel.

The Brown Palace Hotel was the site of the high profile 1911 murders.  Frank Henwood shot and killed Sylvester Louis “Tony” von Phul.  Henwood accidentally killed an innocent bystander in the hotel’s marble bar.  They either shared or were rivals for the affections of Isabel Springer, a Denver socialite and wife of John W. Springer.  John W. Springer was a wealthy Denver businessman and political candidate.  These murders were the cause of many public trials.

Eight stories above the hotel, a stain-glassed skylight lets light into the atrium, as it has done since the hotel opened.  A custom with the Denverites is afternoon tea in The Brown Palace Hotel lobby while enjoying the music of a pianist or harpist.  Visitors and guests both enjoy these afternoon teas and music.  There are four highly rated restaurants in the hotel.  You can have an elegant breakfast or lunch in Ellyington’s, fine dining in the Palace Arms, a casual lunch or supper at the Ship Tavern.  The fourth restaurant is the members-only Brown Palace Club.

During the annual National Western Stock Show, the Grand Champion Steer is displayed in the lobby.  The one thing that makes the hotel stand out is that it has its own artesian well, which provides water to all the hotel’s faucets.

While at the hotel, you can enjoy a Swedish massage in their spa.  You can also reserve the couple’s suite for lunch and a nice soak.  At the spa, you can indulge yourself in a message, a facial, body treatments, pedicures, and manicures.  You can also enjoy a good soak from the water that is drawn from the natural artesian well 750 feet beneath the hotel.  It is Denver’s only Mobile Four-Star hotel.

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