The Best Tourist Attractions in Denver, Colorado

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There is doubt that Denver, Colorado is one of the best places to take a vacation in the United States. It has all the qualities that attract both domestic and international tourists. Denver, Colorado is always one of the top choices when people are asked where they want to take a vacation. Even people who have been to Denver before will say that they want to go back again because of its widespread appeal.

Aside from its amazing people who are very hospitable, Denver, Colorado is visited by a lot of tourists primarily because of its tourist attractions. Denver is well balanced with nature, entertainment, sports, and other recreational activities. Visitors can’t think of anything that they cannot do here in Denver, Colorado.

For those who those who still do not know whether or not to visit in Denver, Colorado, here are the best tourist attractions that you will enjoy during your stay:

Denver Botanic Gardens

This place is not just for people with a green thumb or for people who love plants and gardening. Everyone will surely enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The 23-acre property is home to different theme gardens, greenhouses, and a sunken amphitheater. The whole family will love the Botanic Gardens, especially during summer where a lot of concerts and other activities are done to attract more tourists. What is so nice about Denver Botanic Gardens is that it is conveniently located in Denver, so coming here is easy and hassle-free.

Denver Zoo

You will find nature at its best when you are at the Denver Zoo. It is home to over 3,500 animals where you can actually see them up close without the typical cages. They use glass panels as enclosures so it seems that you will feel that you are one with the animals in their natural habitat. Denver Zoo has more than 1.6 million visitors every year, making it one of the nation’s favorite zoos.

Denver Art Museum

Those who have strong passion for the arts should not miss the Denver Art Museum. It contains more than 68,000 pieces of art from all over the globe. One of the museum’s best features is its Western American art collection – a collection that you cannot find at any other museum in the country.

16thStreet Mall

If you have strong calling for shopping and finding great deals, then the 16th Street Mall is a place that you should not skip during your trip to Denver Colorado. The mall is exactly a mile long with more than 500 retailers to suit your every shopping need. You will also find convenience in shopping because free shuttle services are available along 16th Street.

What are you waiting for? Visit Denver, Colorado now and enjoy all the beautiful sites that it has to offer!


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