State Capitol Building Denver

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The Colorado State Capitol building in Downtown Denver highly resembles our own nation’s Capitol, including surrounding street names. The Denver State Capitol was built in the 1890s of white granite and features early 19th century light posts. In 1908, the dome at the very top was plated with 24 karat gold to commemorate Colorado’s Gold Rush days.

Many of the windows are made of stained glass depicting people and events related to Colorado. There is also a collection of hand painted originals of each US president. Scattered around the outside of Denver’s State Capitol are memorials to Civil War Veterans. Many of these can be viewed during the popular Denver horse carriage rides.

The State Capitol of Denver has expanded into an area known as Capitol Hill that thrives with locals at Civic Center Park, restaurants, homes and many other government buildings. Denver’s State Capitol itself houses the Colorado General Assembly and also the offices of the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor of Colorado.

Free 45-minute tours of the State Capitol Building Denver are available during the weekday. It is located at 200 East Colfax Avenue, Denver.

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