Live in Denver: America’s #4 Most Walkable City

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Riverfront Park is a sustainable community in downtown Denver. Managed by East West Urban Management, Riverfront Park sets the standard for community living in Denver. This is a neighborhood with a rich history beginning as the home of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes until gold was discovered in the South Platte River and Cherry Creek.

The South Platte runs next to Riverfront, which also docked ferryboats and train cars to transport prospectors to mountain gold streams. Beatnik poster children Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassidy frequented this area nicknamed “The Bottoms” when they were young.

Today, Riverfront Park assists Denver’s rank as #4 in the list of America’s most walkable cities with its three pedestrian bridges. The most popular is the Millenium Bridge stretching 130 feet long and 80 feet wide. There are over 300 restaurants, cultural and sports events less than a mile from Riverfront Park, all within walking and biking distance. Skirting the edges of this community are the Denver Skate Park, Coors Field, LoDo, MCA, Platte St. shopping, three parks and so much more.

One of the parks is Commons Park, which has over 80 acres of open space. Just a stone’s throw away is the construction of The Railyard Dogs Denver off-leash Dog Park, open to all Denver citizens and their dogs upon completion. Riverfront is a very pet-friendly community.

Currently, Riverfront Park has ten built up areas to live in with three more planned for future development. They focus on reclaiming under utilized land to turn into friendly and communal areas. The Riverfront community in Denver emphasizes neighborly activities such as a monthly summer fashion show on the Riverfront Park Plaza featuring live musicians. A portion of the proceeds goes to The Railyard Dogs fund. They also have the Riverfront Park Community Foundation.

A popular feature of Riverfront Park is the concierge services to assist homeowners from pet sitting to delivering a bouquet of 20 balloons.

Future homeowners can choose from a condo, town home or a loft. Each home has a spectacular view of Denver and is priced from $250,000 to $2.5 million depending on the housing market.

For those who are more interested in renting at Riverfront Park, rentals are also listed on their website.

Find your new home at Riverfront Park in downtown Denver today.

Riverfront Park
1610 Little Raven St. Suite 115
Denver, CO 80202

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