History of the Pepsi Center

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The Pepsi Center is one of most famous and finest world-class sports and entertainment stadiums, which facilitates the organizing of major sports events and it is the pride of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. The stage is so vast to accommodate many people and has got a beautiful view. It covers a huge area of 4.6 acres in Denver’s Central Platte Valley in Downtown Denver. Depending on the sporting event, the number of seats that can be accommodated differ. For basketball games, 19,099 people can be seated and 18,007 people can be seated for hockey. For concerts, around 500 to 20,000 people will be seated.

The arena has five floors and the building occupies 675, 000 square feet. From the date of its opening on October 1, 1999 with the inaugural performance by Celine Dion, the center has been bustling with sports and entertainment activities.

Many sports centers in North America do not have a training area. But the Pepsi Center has a coaching place, for instance the Nuggets basketball practice area, where the Denver Nuggets have their regular practices. At the ground floor is the atrium, where the Altitude Authentics is open on all days except Sundays. It has the merchandise of the Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth, and Denver Nuggets. The top-notch sound quality and effects and lighting facilities is to be appreciated as well. At the centre of the open space, a huge heavy (60,000 lb) bright scoreboard is hung and it is an eight-sided board showing the live game to the spectacular audience. Apart from this, there is a Sony JumboTron, which has four sides.

One must definitely visit the five conference rooms of the Qwest Business Center at the club level concourse. It has some of the best audio and video streaming facilities, along with internet service at unimaginable speed, fax machines, digital video players, and much more. We can get a view of the Rocky Mountains while standing on the balcony of this building. Thus, it serves a high tech conference room and also serves as a splendid viewpoint.

If one wishes to eat applewood smoked pork chops coated with apple jam or Rocky Mountain trout layered with brown butter, this can happen at the Pepsi Center’s famous restaurant for western dishes. Blue Sky Grill provides a feast for the mouth with the ambience of a mountain lodge. The other popular restaurant is the Ridgeline and it can accommodate around 350 people at a time, which is a very large group for a restaurant. This is situated at the club level concourse and presents a different environment with a fireplace and granite work table. There is a big lounge used as a newsroom where one can get to know Denver and the nearby must-see areas.  Apart from this, the Pepsi Center houses 95 luxury suites.

One must definitely visit this huge sports ground while making a trip to Colorado!

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