Foursquare Application Hot for Denver Hipsters

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Denver hipsters and anyone with the iPhone has set the new social networking trend by adding the Foursquare application to their phones.

Foursquare is the invention of Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai. Crowley was one of the original developers of Dodgeball, a similar mobile social networking program that Google bought in 2005 and dumped in 2009.

This application is a social networking device for cell phones that also works as a game and a review program. The idea of Foursquare is to encourage you to explore your own town based on recommendation from other locals. The application links to Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and Google Maps in order to list well-known restaurants, bars, clubs and stores in Denver.

Customers simply “Check-in” to that Denver location on the Foursquare application and nearby friends can meet-up. In turn, businesses get free advertising among locals who enjoy trying new places. Denver Foursquare users are encouraged to leave behind recommendations on favorite foods or things to avoid for businesses on the application.

The difference between Foursquare and many other applications like it is the competitive edge. Users can unlock badges and earn points. For those who frequent certain businesses, they can receive special offers and if they are there practically everyday, they can become the “Mayor” of that business.

The Foursquare application is available for the 12 larger metro areas of the U.S. and luckily for Colorado, Denver is one of them.

Currently, Yahoo! is trying to buy Foursquare from Crowley and Selvadurai with a $125 million offer.

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