Colorado’s Fashion Scene

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Colorado is making its way up as potentially one of the next fashion capitals of America. Denver and Boulder are home to many local designers, photographers and models with agencies and organizations sprouting up everywhere.

A fairly new modeling agency called nxt|MODEL, pronounced n-x-t, launched this summer with clients coming to them with jobs already even though they are currently in the works recruiting more local Denver models. They are focusing on the Midwest where there is plenty of fashion but no fashion capital. A Moulin Rouge themed fashion show produced by nxt|MODEL is already in the works for October 1, 2010 as a fundraising event for the Colorado AIDS Project.

Very recently, the I Love Couture fashion show featured clothing from a handful of the most promising designers from Denver to Boulder. Denver features a fashion show about once per month in one of the local downtown Denver clubs.

Fashion Denver, an organization created by Colorado local Brandi Shigley, brings together talented local designers to work with the public, create business relationships and sell their goods. They even provide workshops for designers on how to run their own businesses and market their products.

Together, all of these creative Denver locals bring together culture, style, lights and cameras to a young fashion capital.

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