Cheesman Park

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Denver has a lot to offer for every resident, guest and business investor. Skiing, driving, parks, hotels and accommodations, restaurants, health care facilities, tech hubs, bars, you name it and you will get it. Another fascinating place that you should not miss when you are in Denver is its historical and intriguing Cheesman Park. This is not an ordinary park, let’s explore it:

Cheesman Park in central Denver paints many pictures to many people. Imagine a very spacious area for football, volleyball, and soccer. It is a great site to fly kites and throw Frisbees. The park is a perfect place to jog, picnic, or stroll. Breathe fresh air with your friends, family, and pets. Meet new friends. Men and women, young and old alike share the same excitement and thrill as they wander around the whole place. The green grasses are like carpets spread all over to catch your imagination. The park is bordered with condos and historic houses.

Cheesman Park, formerly the Prospect Hill Cemetery, extends further east into Denver Botanical Gardens and Congress Park. Some believed that the park contains as many as two thousand or more bodies of the early inhabitants in Denver.  It was converted to a park and opened in 1907, named after Walter Cheesman. Some people think the place is haunted, but everyone who comes and explores the place considers it beautiful and relaxing. Why, it is also a favorite place for lovers.

Big and sturdy trees not only provide shade and fresh air but make the park look fascinating and comforting.  Occasional concerts, public gatherings, or weddings are held in Walter Scott Cheesman Pavilion, the most attractive part of the park.  Photographers admire the classical look of this pavilion, so they usually make it as a background structure for newlyweds and models. From the Pavilion, visitors can explore the charming botanical gardens and enjoy the park’s 150 mile panoramic view. You can read your books, write your thoughts, and relax your mind as you stroll around the park. At the south of the pavilion, car owners can find a parking space along the circular drive.

The Changeling is a film by Russell Hunter in 1980 based on his experiences while living in a large house on the northern edge of Cheesman Park.

Feel the heartwarming view as you watch the sun sets over the mountains. See the captivating beauty of nature at its best, only here in Cheesman Park.

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