Science Test Shows that Denver’s Students have Outperform the National Average

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Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Denver’s education system. Many schools and institutes in this city are competing nationally and most of them score very high compared to other US cities. According to education specialists, this is due to the huge support given to schools and universities by Denver’s governor and other people taking charge of education in Denver.

Recently, Denver’s Bruce Randolph School was highlighted by President Obama as an example that every school in the US should be following. While this school was the worst school in Denver many years ago, it became  one of the best one with 97% of the seniors receiving their diploma. This is considered a huge accomplishment considering the staggering amount of students in other schools and cities who don’t graduate high school. Another award was given to The Denver School of Science and Technology by attending the finals in the White House Race.

Denver’s governor and many other people in charge of education in Denver were amazed by these results and said that they are proud of their teachers, principals, students as well as parents who contributed a lot to the huge success of Bruce Randolph School.

Recently, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which is in charge of a periodic assessment of student progress conducted in the United States, has published their test results under the title “Colorado Students Outperform National Average in Science.”

The scientific test was made for the students of the 4th and 8th grades where Colorado students scored higher then most of the country. These results were:

  • For all 4th grade Colorado students, 39% among them have scored proficient or above, where the national average for this test is 32%.
  • For all 8th grade Colorado students, 36% have scored proficient or above, where the national average for this grade is only 29%.

These results show that Colorado students receive very high scientfic education in schools. As many people emphasize, this is the result of the huge importance that gives Denver education especially public schools.

There was been a statement released by the Colorado Department of Education from Deputy Commissioner Diana Sirko:
“While we are pleased to be ahead of the national average, there is not much comfort in these numbers. Until our goals of strong proficiency for all students in all subject areas are reached, we can only celebrate this as a beginning in our work to equip all students with the 21st Century skills that are critical to the future.”

According to these facts, Denver is sure to be an education leader where it will be forming the next generation or scientists and leaders in the US.

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