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The University of Denver is the oldest private university in the Rocky Mountain Region.  The university is located in Denver, Colorado, and is a coeducational four-year university. As a co-educational university, the average admitted applicant is at their top 25% of their graduating class.

Founded in 1864 by John Evans, the former Governor of the Colorado territory, it was originally a Colorado Seminary.  John Evans founded the school to help civilize the newly created city of Denver.  At the time, Denver was little more than a mining camp.  The Colorado Seminary was a Methodist Institution and struggled in the early years.  In 1880, it was renamed the University of Denver but was still legally named the Colorado Seminary.  Between 1860-1870 the first buildings were located in downtown Denver.

Due to the rough and tumble frontier town, they figured that the atmosphere was not conductive to education.  The new campus, built on land donated by a potato farmer named Rufus Clark, is still where the University of Denver is located today.  This new campus was seven miles south of the downtown Denver.  Prior to World War II, the university primarily appealed to a regional study body.

After World War II, the large surge in the GI bill students pushed the University of Denver’s enrollment to over thirteen thousand students.  This is the largest student body that the University of Denver has ever had.  It helped spread the university’s reputation to a national audience.

Students in the graduate programs are half of the enrollment of the school.  The University of Denver was the first university to establish a Digital Media Studies program.  The Denver of University is one of the few schools in the United States that personally interview every undergraduate applicant.  They do interviews in more than twenty-five cities per year.   This demonstrates that the University of Denver is more interested in the applicant and not just their credentials.

On the campus you will find several fantastic historic buildings.  The longest-standing building on the campus is the University Hall.  It has served the University of Denver since 1890.  There is also the fully operational observatory called the Chamberlin Observatory built in 1884.  In the past decade about five hundred million dollars in capital improvements were done.  In addition, admissions selectivity and rankings have improved dramatically.  The University of Denver has the second highest telescope in the world located near the summit of Mount Evans.

The University of Denver is a truly spectacular educational facility – one of the best in the nation.

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