University of Colorado at Boulder

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Much like the University of Denver, this university is a public flagship university of the University of Colorado system.  This particular school in Boulder is a research university and founded in 1876, five months before Colorado became a state.  Affiliated with Colorado University Boulder as students, faculty members, or researchers, there have been seventeen astronauts, six Nobel Laureates, and seven Mac Arthur Fellows.

When the Colorado state legislature passed an amendment to the constitution in 1876 to provide money to establish University of Colorado at Boulder, it provided money for the Colorado School of Mines and Colorado Agricultural College now known as Colorado State University.

When they were trying to decide where to build the university, there were two cities they were considering, Boulder and Canon City.  The consolation prize was the new home of the Colorado State Prison.  Canon City is now the home of six prisons.   In 1877, the doors of the University of Colorado at Boulder opened.

At the time, very few high schools could adequately prepare students for university work.  To help these students out, the university formed a preparatory school on the campus.  Enrolled at this time were fifteen students in the university and fifty students in the preparatory school.  Of these sixty-five students, thirty-eight were men, and twenty-seven were women.  They ranged in ages from twelve to twenty-three years old.

In addition to the research facilities, there are also residential and academic buildings.  The University of Colorado at Boulder is built in the Italian Rural Architecture style, which are rough textured walls with sloping, multi-leveled roofs with red tiles.  Charles Klauder, the architect for the university, had a vision for the campus that took nearly twenty years to complete.  He laid the foundation for the future design of the campus.

Founded in 1893, the College of Engineering and Applied Science is one of the top-ranked undergraduate and graduate engineering programs in the country.  This modern center is home to low-turbulence wind tunnels, the nation’s largest geotechnical centrifuge, and a structural analysis facility plus much more.

In 1953, the University Memorial Center, which was a memorial to the servicemen at the university, opened.  It was a central landmark of the Boulder campus and saw its share of student activism in the form of strikes, grape boycotts, sit-ins, and love-ins.  The university now offers a variety of political student organizations such as the College Republicans and the College Democrats.

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