Universities in Denver

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The economy of Denver is a dynamic mixture of high technology industries such as telecommunications, aeronautics, bioengineering and IT. The common feature of these industries is their absolute reliance on a highly educated and qualified work force. Therefore, Denver and the surrounding areas are hotspots for many professionals looking to start a career or to further advance in their profession of choice.

The Denver Aurora Metropolitan area is known for the high concentration of residents who hold a bachelor degree or a higher form of education. Statistics show that the state of Colorado is second in the entire nation at the percentage of adult population holding a bachelor degree or higher certification, with an impressive 39.5%. This high percentage of educated workforce is in due to the concentration of advanced industries and more importantly to the quality of Colorado’s system of higher education.
The students from Metro Denver have access to a wide selection of education institutions in a varied array of domains. From the numerous institutions of higher learning located in Denver and the adjacent areas, these are the most significant:

The University of Denver – is the oldest private university in the entire Rocky Mountains area, being established in 1864 under the name of the Colorado Seminary. The founders of this prestigious institution sought to offer to the residents of the still modest miner town the chance to enlarge their perspective through learning. Over the years the University of Denver has grown in a modern academic institution, placed by the U.S. News and World Report of 2010, amongst the 50 best private colleges in the nation. Currently, the University of Denver enrolls over 11,400 students who study in a modern campus situated in the vicinity of downtown Denver.

Another major superior education institution is the public University of Colorado at Denver. This college is part of the University of Colorado System, which also includes the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The institution includes a university hospital, hosted by the Anschutz Medical Campus located in the neighboring city of Aurora. The school of medicine of the University of Colorado at Denver is the single school of medicine in the state and is known for some important medical breakthroughs, such as the first successful liver transplant in the world. Research is a major aspect in the academic profile of the institution, which attracts over $375 million in research grants every year.

The Metropolitan State College of Denver is yet another fine academic establishment based in the Mile High City. Some of the most significant academic programs at Metro State are the Department of Aviation and Aeronautics, which collaborates with the strong aeronautical industry of Colorado or the Department of Journalism, an award winning program known for the quality of the education it offers to the students.

Besides these institutions, there are numerous other smaller universities, colleges and other higher learning establishments, both in Denver and in other parts of the Centennial State. This abundance of options for the residents and for students from abroad makes Colorado, and Denver in particular, attractive destinations for all those who look to boost their careers with a solid and comprehensive education.

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