Colorado Dances of Universal Peace

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Hundreds of years ago the tribal and village cultures had ritual celebrations that renewed their sense of bonding and place in the universe. Today there is art therapy, music therapy, and dance therapy. To commemorate the rhythms of the earth chanting, singing and dancing to music was the natural way to bring forth the Great Mysteries of Life.

Dance of Universal Peace has brought this tradition of our ancestors back. With the earth as our global village and peace as the root need of all the earth’s people. With unsophisticated movements and songs they draw off the heart of the world’s beliefs and they bring them into the circle of wholeness where they can begin to feel the truth of harmony through diversity.

The Dance of Universal Peace was founded in the 1960’s by Samuel L. Lewis in San Francisco, CA. He had planned on promoting peace throughout the world. The dances consist of effortless movements that were performed in a circle along with small lyrics varying from meditative to triumphant in quality. They create an inspirational feeling among the participants with the use of live music. This creates a sense of unity and community between its participants.

The dances suggest feelings of joy, love, ecstasy, stillness, unity, compassion, and peace. The Dance of Universal Peace is now shared with millions of people worldwide who communicate an instinct greater than language, a link that exceeds nationality and even personality.

Dance of Universal Peace is located in Colorado and hosts the world’s largest weekly gathering of this kind in the country. Samuel L. Lewis quoted, “The watcher is the prayerful devotee, but the dancer becomes divine.”

The Dances hold dances at different locations throughout the year. Here are a few of the events being held:  Boulder Dance every Friday from 7:15 pm, cost $10/class, students with IDs cost $7, located at the Mennonite Church. Denver Dance every Wednesday at 7:15 pm cost 10/class, students with IDs $7, located at Clayton Early Learning Center. Dance Deeply at Starhouse$12/class, second Saturday of each month at 7:15 pm, located at 3472 Sunshine Canyon Drive, Boulder, CO. The Spiritkeepers, the second, third, and fourth Sundays at 10 am, located at the West Boulder Senior Center.

The Spiritkeepers are an interfaith fellowship that was started in 1994. It grew out of the need for a deeper connection amongst participants of the Dance of Universal Peace. Services begin with meditation walking/breathing practice to live music. Then a circle is made and they dance two dances of the Dance of Universal Peace before the presentation. The presenter gives a lecture and through participation he leads participants closer to a greater understanding of Spirit in its different forms.

After the presentation, the circle is made closer and chanting sacred sounds and sharing the energy that has cooperatively built throughout the morning. Afterward, more fellowship is provided if participants want to stay. The continued fellowship is done over dinner in a restaurant.

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