Bill Daniels, a Colorado Icon

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Bill Daniels, who is been called the “The Father of Cable Television”, is a Colorado icon who is remembered for his prosperity, superior business knowledge, and role as a philanthropist. With his perseverance, he achieved remarkable success in a number of fields and stood as a symbol to his next generations. Born in Greeley, Colorado, he was a distinguished fighter pilot who served relentlessly in World War II and displayed amazing valour in the war against Korea after which he retired from the army as a full commander.

Later, once while watching a boxing broad cast he was astonished by the television business and started an industry for supplying cable television to the remote areas where the accessibility to TV was limited. His first cable business was started in 1953 in Casper, Wyoming and from then, he operated hundreds of cable systems across the country. He launched Daniels and Associates to finance the field and by the end of 1968 it turned out to be a big hit giving huge profits of $100 million, which made 80% of the country’s transactions in that particular year.

He had other accomplishments under his belt, too. As a passionate sports fan, he was the first to start the broadcast of sports programming, which is today’s most widely broadcasted programs. Besides this, he supported the Denver Grand Prix and Boxers, was a co-owner of Los Angeles Lakers, owner of American Basketball Association team, the Utah Stars franchise, and a founder of USFL. He founded the Young Americans Bank in 1987, which educated a number of young talented individuals who were under the age of 22. It is the world’s only chartered bank exclusively for young individuals.

Besides these, he was a philanthropist who introduced ethics into the curriculum of the business school at the University of Denver. Towards the later stages of his life, he founded the Daniels Fund, which shows Bill’s eagerness to help children attend college – something he never had the chance to do. The Daniels Fund offers relentless support to social issues related to aging, alcoholism, abuse, amateur sports, disabilities, and homeless as well as provides scholarships for high school seniors. When he died on March 7, 2000, the Daniels Fund received $1 billion from his estate, which makes it the largest private foundation in the country.

Throughout his life, Bill believed in helping others and consistently worked to bring out the potential that individuals have within, but fail to recognize. He was a disciplined entrepreneur and a beloved member of society.

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