1000 Voices Project

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The 1000 Voices Project is an initiative to bring together different communities and cultures and spread the message of love, peace, and harmony. The project is designed to bring together individuals from different backgrounds and make them experience the beautiful and amazing African culture. The diverse and beautiful African culture with its extravagant dance moves, rhymes, songs take the participants to another level of spiritual relief.

The 1000 Voices Project is designed to make the participants become self-aware, appreciate their own beings, and respect and acknowledge others. The 1000 Voices Project serves as a unifying platform for all its participants to learn beyond boundaries, earn mutual respect and work together as a single community. The concept was put forth by Nii Armah Sowah a native African who established a platform for community building and better mutual cross cultural respect and understanding. He earned his degree in theater arts from the University of Ghana and later on earned a masters degree in expressive arts therapies from the Lesley University of Cambridge.

Nii Armah is a professional dancer, singer, therapist, and also teaches dance and music at the University of Colorado Boulder. He has also conducted many workshops across the US, Canada, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean. Nii Armah has clear understanding of western culture and psychology and presents the rich African culture to his western audience and participants.

There are many programs that are offered at the 1000 Voices facility. One of them is the African Songs for Life Program, which makes the participants not only enhance their singing and dancing skills, but also experience a totally different atmosphere.

The participants gain self-acknowledgment, appreciation for other community members, and it also serves as a relaxation and self-therapy technique. The African dances and songs make the participants understand the diverse and rich African culture and help them untangle from the daily life tensions and material gains. The African rhyme songs for moms and babies provide a unique experience for mothers to bond with their children and develop self-confidence. The 1000 Voices Project is a soul enriching program which is designed for an effective community building. Anyone from any background and age can enroll in these classes.

The 1000 Voices Project also sponsors the Christ Family Academy, which is located in Ghana. The parents whose children attend the academy face a lot of challenges in coming up with the fee and other expenditures. Donations are collected from all over the US and Colorado, which helps the academy meet up with its financial requirements to serve the needy children.

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