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Being Colorado’s largest flight training and rental services, Flights Inc. offers high quality training to all those who would like to build their career as a pilot. They are the largest in the Rocky Mountain Region to offer diversified planes such as Cessna and Pipers. Beginners are taken from their first time piloting experience to the ends of challenging the most qualified grades. There is a multi range extensive training available from a no experience grade through private pilot, instrument rating, multi engine and commercial certificates, all of which consistently are aimed at providing students the best exposure to an airline style environment. With a hundred hours of multi engine turbine flight time and a special training program which gives the opportunity to fly to and from the Denver and Centennial airports and through the Denver area airports on the Fairchild Metro Liner. This series completes a three hundred hour extensive training program. For those who have completed a part of their training and attend Flights Inc. for the completion of their aviation training, there are other programs where they are tested realistically and allowed to pursue to excellence.

Certification programs offer various course fees to the students. This is based on the type of certification they seek. The fee schedule is as follows:

1.         Private pilot certificates – $6995

2.         Instrument training – $7995

3.         Commercial pilot certificates charge – $15,995

4.         Multi engine rating where students will complete two hundred hours of training – $3995

With all these certifications, the complete training will cost the student around $34,980 where accommodations and practical tests will be charged extra.

The aircraft fleet that are provided for rentals at the Flight Inc. include the Cessna 172 M/N/P, Cessna 172 R/SP, Cessna 172 Retractable gear, Cessna 182, Piper Seminole, AST-300 flight training device and Redbird full motion AATD. For membership at the Flights Inc. there are certain rules for piloting which include:

  • Fixed gear 201 HP or less: student pilot with five hours make and model and a club check out
  • Fixed gear greater 201 HP: private pilot with a 00 hours of total training 5 hours of make and model and a club check out which includes at least 10 landings
  • Retractable Gear 201 HP or less: flight training only

There are other specifications for retractable gear greater than 201 HP and for multi engine aircrafts. Flight Inc. attracts international and national students alike to pursue their aviation careers. It has an outstanding aircraft fleet, quality flight instructors, VA benefits, pilot shops many more benefits to suit all flight needs.

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