Colorado State University

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Colorado State University was founded in 1870, 6 years before the Colorado territory officially became a state and was first named the Colorado Agricultural College.

In 1879, the university opened its doors to students, with President Elijah and two faculty members.

Today the university has grown into one of the nation’s leading research universities with world class research in fields such as atmospheric science, clean energy technologies, infectious diseases, and environmental science. These days, the number of students has surpassed 22,000 and CSU has about 1,400 faculties in 8 colleges and 55 academic departments throughout the state.

Colorado State University is the first choice university for many Colorado residents. The university is ranked in News and World Report’s “Ranking of America’s Best Universities and Colleges” and, furthermore, named as one of the best public universities in the US in terms of affordability and educational quality.


CSU’s faculty combines practical experience of the laboratory and the field with the intellectual experience of the classroom, an approach based on the land-grant philosophy. The faculty’s researches include critical global issues such as Asian cities’ air pollution, the reemergence of tuberculosis, wellness and nutrition, forecasting severe weather, and bioterrorism.

Economic impact

In a roundabout way you could say that the Colorado State University is a cornerstone for Colorado’s future economy. Education is a very important growth engine, if not the most important.


Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins, at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado. Including the main campus, an agricultural campus, a foothill campus, and a mountain campus, CSU is situated on almost 5,000 acres of land and owns an additional 4,600 acres for research centers, offices etc.

Students and Parents

For parents there is a separate university website. The “parents’ and family’s portal” provides all possible information required by the students’ parents or family. Parents automatically are RAMFAM association members. This association is free, without any fees. RAMFAM’s mission is to advance the CSU students and family in the university’s goal of excellence.

Students have the possibility to join the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is a student association and a great way to get in contact with other students and to build up friendships for a lifetime.  Joining an Alumni Group like a geographic group or a common interest group will uplift your university life and allow you to celebrate the “green and gold” of Colorado State University!

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