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The surge in medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver has caught many off guard. Local politicians are quick to quip about security and safety, while legal representatives are even quicker to the claims of rights protections. Both arguments have truth to them, but for your average citizens, knowledge will serve you best no matter which position you take. You should know where the medical marijuana dispensary hotspots are, whether you are attracted to it or intend to stay away.

There is a burgeoning business model for medical marijuana dispensaries and it seems to be centered in two areas outside downtown Denver. LoDo, as are many downtowns of a metropolis, is fashionably cutting edge and hosts its share of dispensaries. Although none are highlighted yet in the famous 16th St. mall, yet, there are enough to call the whole downtown a hotspot.

Branching out of the downtown area, you can also find several Medical Marijuana dispensaries. The two areas that are immediately popping up dispensaries are South Broadway and Federal. There are four or five dispensaries within a few blocks. The competition brings out the deals and the advertising, so the shops are easy to find with well-marked specials. Contrary to popular fear, these businesses have invested a lot in security through cameras and personnel dedicated to the general safety of the area. I was immediately skeptical of the safety provided, but the measures are visible and seemingly efficient. Unlike the spread out locations of Southern California (which has documented its share of medical marijuana dispensary related issues), the population density in Denver may work to the favor of safety.

The dispensary business has definitely spread its wings. Although the two areas I mentioned have more dispensaries than others, it seems all cities and suburbs are dealing with the influx. Several dispensaries are now open in the suburbs in Littleton and in the mountain regions extending from Evergreen to Grand Junction. Some towns and townships are working to exclude medical marijuana dispensaries, but to little avail. The expansion of rights is rarely retracted.

Thankfully, the dispensaries are taking care to provide ample security. If you are concerned about your visits, you can do research to identify which locations have easy access. If you are unfamiliar with those areas, then I suggest frequenting one of the hotspots that have naturally arisen in Denver. There are now several magazines dedicated to helping you with your choice, but even magazines can be co-opted as advertising rather than objective reviewing.

Special pricing can lure in many, but consider weighing the options of convenience of location, sustainability of the business and overall product availability. While the discounts may seem attractive, like with all other consumer products, you may get what you pay for.

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