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In and around Denver the more people that I talk to, the more people that I realize have had LASIK eye surgery. I was thinking about getting laser eye surgery a few months ago but put it off. Then last week I was at the new Big Game restaurant in LoDo and couldn’t see a score on the TV. I said out loud “damn I should get LASIK.” It turns out 3 out of the 5 people at my table already had LASIK in Denver. Pretty crazy.

I started digging into it again. Here’s the lowdown on what LASIK is, how it’s done,  the cost of lasik, how to get financing for lasik, and where to get LASIK in Denver.

Denver LASIK Procedure – What it is? How to? Where to?

The LASIK eye surgery procedure can be broken down into the preoperative, operative, and postoperative periods. The operation itself is fairly straight forward but there’s a lot that goes into the planning period.

Preoperative LASIK – Before you go under the laser

First, most eye surgeons recommend that patients wearing certain kinds of contact lenses (usually soft) stop wearing their contacts for a period of time before they come in for the lasik consultation. Once you’ve stopped wearing your contact lenses for the recommended time you visit the clinic. The preoperative lasik consultation is usually free but some clinic do charge for it because it includes a full eye exam.

During the preoperative exam a technician uses a high tech camera to make a map of the cornea – called a topographer. Several companies make these include Optomap.

LASIK Operation

LASIK is performed while you are fully awake. Some clinics give you a Valium or similar drug to make you relax. You also get an antibiotic eye drop and pain killing eye drop. The procedure is pretty straightforward. The eye surgeon creates a flap with either a small blade or another laser called an Intralase bladeless laser.

Then the surgeon pulls back the flap and zaps the eye with a laser to reshape it. During this time your vision does get blurry. This is a little nerve racking but really shouldn’t be scary. The best LASIK surgeons alert you to this and you know what is going on. While this is going on some laser track the eye. One such laser is the NIDEK eye tracker. This is a very advanced laser that tracks very small eye movements to produce the best possible vision.

Postoperative LASIK – Recovery and Enjoyment

Denver LASIK eye surgery After the LASIK procedure the surgeon gives the patient a good round of anti inflammatory drops and to ensure proper healing. One thing that is very important is to ensure there is no eye rubbing the night after the surgery. To do this the Denver LASIK clinic will give you a pair of weird looking glasses that are tapped over your eyes.

That’s it. Getting LASIK in Denver is pretty simple and very affordable. You can get financing or shop around for the best price.

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