Denver Bike-Sharing Program Comes to Boulder

admin January 5, 2011 0

Colorado welcomed the Denver B-cycle bike-sharing program and Colorado is bringing it to Boulder too. The Denver B-cycle can be found around Downtown Denver and the Union Station area. Boulder B-cycle begins this May with 200 bikes to share at 25 different stations around Pearl Street Mall east to Twenty Ninth Street Mall.

Boulder B-cycle encourages this eco-friendly mode of transportation for those who just need to get somewhere quick, don’t want to drive or would like a little extra exercise. Borrow the bike and ride out for lunch, then return it on your way back to work. In a city where Boulder cannot expand and the last unoccupied property to build a house was taken by Habitat for Humanity last year, driving from south Boulder to north Boulder can get pretty hectic.

Colorado’s bike-sharing program also provides bike rental. Guests may check out a bike for free if it is returned within 60-minutes. However, for more than 60 minutes, each additional half hour is $4. Get more bang for your buck by renting it for 24-hours for only $5. A yearly membership is only $50 and saves you way more than that on gas. Just swipe your credit card at any of the kiosks to check out a bike.

Denver city Denver B-cycle operates in the same way. It is a fun and cheap way to visit Denver neighborhoods and for Denver tourism. Boulder is already a bike-friendly city and tourists can participate, as there are many beautiful trails and shopping throughout Boulder.

The Boulder B-cycle program hopes to expand throughout Boulder and see as many as 150 docking stations scattered around. When riding bikes, be sure to ride with caution and obey traffic rules when riding in the street. Wearing a bike helmet is also a good idea. For more information visit

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