Denver and Immigration Laws

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The main reason behind people immigrating to a new country is to find opportunities. People from all around the world move from country to country or even from city to city seeking a good life. This good life includes new job opportunities, although other people may move searching for luxury and entertainment.

Many people consider living in a good city that has a lot to offer for everyone from jobs and affordable houses to entertainment and education. Denver seems to have all the opportunities and fun everybody needs.

Recently, there were many important announcements about Denver’s immigration laws. Denver’s Governor Bill Ritter has announced that his state, Colorado, will participate in a federal immigration program in which its main reason is to identify illegal immigrants. This program has 36 states including Colorado. It consists of implementing a federal secure communities program where fingerprints are checked during jail bookings to identify a person’s immigration status. While immigrant’s advocacy groups are emphasizing that this program will lead to racism, the Governor claims that it will be of great benefit to Colorado.

There was a debate recently over immigration in Denver by Colorado lawmakers, which consisted of applying an Arizona-like immigration law. As a consequence of that, thousands of protesters have marched on the 16th Street in downtown Denver last May to protest Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law.

The state of Colorado estimates that the number of illegal immigrants in this city exceeds 500,000 immigrants. They claim that this costs state taxpayers $1.2 billion  a year for education, mandatory translation services, and health benefits. Sen. Kent Lambert, the lead sponsor of the illegal immigration enforcement bill has said that the laws will be different from the ones of Arizona. According to him, police officers are allowed to arrest someone who they suspect is an illegal immigrant, but it is not required. The reason behind this according to him is to make Colorado a safe place with enough jobs for Colorado and US citizens.

The immigrants were not the only ones to protest this law. The director of the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Julien Ross, said that this law will bring Colorado a lot of losses and brings Colorado’s economy down, as it did to Arizona when they applied it. It cost Arizona $253 million in losses in the hospitality industry.

Whether they apply this law or not, Denver will still always the best place for someone seeking all of what life has to offer.

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