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Committed to community service since 1924, Yellow Cab of Denver boasts to be the oldest taxi service in the United States and largest service in Denver. Serving an average of 1.5 million passengers every year, they are well known for their 24/7 availability by both individuals and corporate customers. Yellow Cab of Denver is operated by Veolia Transports, which is a pioneer in the field with transportation through bus, trains, paratransit, shuttles, private taxis, and public taxis.

The reputation of Yellow Cab is reflected in the polite service offered by the staff. Punctuality, reliability, and an overall pleasant experience makes Yellow Cab a leader in its industry. Special care is taken to train the drivers to give the customers that extra comfort and treat them courteously. Apart from this there is 24 hours service at the call center and an efficiently planned reservation system. The feedback of the customers is promptly sought out by the staff to gauge performance and make improvements. It is this discipline that has kept the cabs going all these years.

Yellow Cab comes to their customers based on their requirements. Crown Victorias make up a majority part of the fleet. There are also minivans that can accommodate more passengers; those who would like to travel as groups find the minivans to be a great option. Wheel chair accessibility taxis are available for those who need them.

Saving the environment has been another effort of Yellow Cab, which has prompted them to introduce taxis operating on propane power.

Apart from being an active member in providing safe and reliable transportation for their customers, they have also excelled in the technology utilized in the taxis. The taxis use the Digital Dispatch System, a leading technology that simplifies the customer reach facilities. Taxis are driven punctually to their destinations and customers are informed of the exact time of arrival and drop-off. The cabs have mobile data centers from which the drivers can communicate with the customers and the staff. Instant data on traffic updates, directions, and much more can be easily acquired as well.

They offer services to Denver and the surrounding cities in a jiffy. Servicing students during late night classes and offering cabs for nighttime events around Denver is Yellow Cab’s duty. Reservations for the taxi can be made both online and over the phone. The rates of the taxi are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of Colorado. The first 1/9th of a mile will be charged $2.50, and an additional fee of $2.25 with $.375 for waiting per minute and $1 for an extra person. The rates to and from the airport are different from that of normal pick –up and drop-off.

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