WTC Denver

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The World Trade Center in Denver (also known as WTC Denver) is located on Broadway Street in downtown Denver. It is an office complex and is divided into two tall buildings WTC 1 and WTC 2. The World Trade Center 1 is 99 m in height and World Trade Center 2 is 109 m in height. WTC 2 is one of the tallest buildings in Denver and has 29 floors. Both WTC 1 and 2 are the hub of the international business community and provide business training in Denver. The primary objective of WTC Denver is to contribute to international business and this is accomplished by providing several services.

WTC provides relevant and forceful information to its participants about the international market and the local market. Education and training is provided to businesses and individuals on how to achieve goals in the international market and the local market. With the help of events, forums, and other educational programs, business entities are brought together at one platform. Thus, the individuals and companies around the globe can connect with each other on a large scale and business individuals can learn about the marketing and business strategies. The World Trade Center Denver was established in 1989 in order to achieve the goals in the international market and connect the Denver‘s business community to rest of the world.

World Trade Center Denver is a non-profit organization with over 275 members that include companies and individuals. The globalization of the world‘s economy is an important aspect and in order to succeed in the global market, local business and individuals need to be strengthened. In order to reach out to the global community economically and spread awareness about Denver, the World Trade Center provides the right kind of platform. The WTC Denver is a part of a network of 300 World Trade Centers in 100 countries.

The main goal is to connect the global business community and contribute to the international business community in every way. WTC Denver also provides internship programs for local college and university students at regular intervals. The internees are taught different issues facing the global and local business community and different techniques to resolve these issues. The interns get in-depth knowledge on utilizing different business tools to be successful in the international market. Many events take place at WTC occasionally to further promote the international business community. Thus WTC Denver is the focal point for all business individuals and companies in Denver to reach out to the international community.

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