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Situated just inside the University Building at 910 16th Street Suite #221 in Denver, Valley Home Movies is a one stop film transfer site in Colorado. This local valley company was established to guarantee a simple and easy solution for preserving greatest lifetime memories. It takes pride in its customer service, as it does its best to accommodate all of customers’ service requests.

Valley Home Movies converts old VHS tapes, 120mm negatives, 35mm film, 16mm film, 8mm film, records, mini DVD, VHSc, D8, super8mm, Hi8 tapes into high-quality DVD or into other digital format. It also offers custom DVD menus, custom sound beats, DVD authoring, color enhancement and scratch reduction services. ensures that your film retains its high quality. Its technicians and programmers use technologies producing high quality output. It is committed to saving memories from fading forever. Thus, it only uses the best quality tapes, DVDs, projectors and equipment. It uses the newest 16mm projectors to convert 16mm films, which is so far has the best quality. Through the company’s direct to digital transfer system, it guarantees high quality conversion of 16mm into DVD.

Valley Home Movies also specializes in converting old video footage using professional video equipment serviced and tested to guarantee high-quality conversion. Video tape restoration is guaranteed to be completed onto highest quality DVDs that are compatible with most of the current DVD players.

Valley Home Movies has also become a premier storyteller in North America with several years of experience in creating everything from hundreds of professional and personal biographies, corporate training videos to thousands of wedding videos. Its team of editors helps you create everlasting family memories to be cherished for many years. This professional video editing service generally takes them four to six weeks to complete.

It also offers other services aside from DVD conversion. These include videography and production, sound engineering and production, still photography, computer maintenance and repair, as well as web development and design.

All transfers to DVDs include a maximum of two hours on every disc, cleaning and conditioning of film, film and leader repair if needed, and editing reel markers out of black and clear film. Transfers also include customized frame by frame adjustments to enhance clarity and color, digital recording on professional broadcast Sony Equipment, and monitoring and adjustments from the beginning to the end.

8mm film and super 8 transfers will cost you $10 to $15, with a two hour DVD encoding fee costing $15, while 16mm film transfers cost from $10 to $175. Web video encoding can cost you $25 to $30 per hour.

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