The Colorado Association of Home Builders

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The Colorado Association of Home Builders or CAHB was established in 1974, in order to support the members of the construction industry with their legislative efforts.

Over the years, the building industry in Colorado area has become more and more important due to the continuous growth of the needs of the population. The Colorado Association of Home Builders, having active legislative committee members, outstanding lobbyists and an able government affairs staff, is the voice of the building industry, working to achieve success on the construction market.

The Association currently has a large number of members, who are encouraged to be professional and to use ethical practices to develop their business. CAHB consist of 4,000 member companies throughout the entire state. The members are from three chapters across Colorado and fourteen local associations.

The most important division of the COHome Builders is the one called the Committees. The members must research and make recommendations for the Board of Directors, who take decisions that are based on their activity.

People involved in the building industry should join their local HBA, to get benefits and to attract potential clients and thus grow their business. By joining the local HBA, you become a member of the CAHB and also a member of the National Association of Home Builders or NAHB. The benefits refer to the fact that you are included in programs which are not available to those Coloradans who are not members yet. The programs that are available for the members are Telecom, Home Warranty Program, Construction and Transport Insurance, Auto and Home Insurance and General Liability and Insurance.

The COHome Builders’ members are of three types. You can be a builder member, an associate member, an affiliate member, student member or a major national supplier. The Builder Members are practically the ones who build the homes, with the help of the Associate Members who offer services and provide them with the necessary products. Student Members are studying in school, subjects related to building and become members of CAHB and NAHB, by joining their local chapter.

Members can take part to the Annual Rocky Mountain Builder Conference, which is a great opportunity to get in touch with the best companies in the field of building. This year, the Conference will take place on October, 5 – 8 at Park Hyatt Resort and Spa, in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

For all people involved in the construction industry, joining the CAHB is the best choice they can make, considering the support and resources which the Association provides to all its members.

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