The Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology

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The Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology is a manufacturing assistance center, founded partially by the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership and functioning within the University of Colorado.

CAMT works in the benefit of Colorado businesses through technical support, economic development partnership, and industry programs. The Association is dedicated to uphold the industrial area to a high-level. As a member of CAMT, you have the chance to grow your business, increase your productivity and to develop your workforce.

Nowadays the competitive atmosphere in the marketplace forces you to produce high quality products at lower prices than your competitors, if you want to stay on top of the line. CAMT helps you stay ahead of your competition, through a set of services, intended to improve your productivity. Moreover, the association supplies you with the necessary resources in order to manufacture better and faster, at lower costs. Consequently, you can improve the quality of your products and, in the same time, increase the number of sales.

CAMT’s experts use the best practices and advanced technologies for the sake of your business and to increase your profitability. You can go for a private or for a public partnership.  No matter which you choose, CAMT brings together government, industry resources and not-for-profit organizations, to deal with your needs on the industry marketplace.

Started in 1994, the Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology is the mean through which you can exchange knowledge and high quality practices with other Coloradan businesses. Over the years, hundreds of people from the Colorado area have turned to the solutions offered by CAMT, to succeed in their business.

If you want to develop your business, you need money, a very good strategy and a great plan. CAMT offers you a number of planning services for the growth of your business, such as the Technology Acceleration Program, Rapid Cycle Production Acceleration, Eureka! Jump Start, Lean Product Development and 3P.

The Technology Acceleration Program or TAP functions as a channel between the supply and the demand of technologies, facilitating collaboration between private industry and technology suppliers. Another important program is the Lean Product Development, which follows a series of steps that help you upgrade business efficiency.

The Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology provides you with great learning opportunities, an easier access on the marketplace and with the knowledge needed to understand the necessities of a modern world. You can learn more about the CAMT on the Portal which provides information specific on your region.

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