Talking With Technology Camp

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This is a special camp for designed for children ages 6-21 who use assistive technology in order to communicate. The goal of the camp program is to provide support and motivation in order to increase the communication abilities of the children that attend the camp.

Talking With Technology Camp is a joint venture between Children’s Hospital and the Colorado Easter Seals Society which allows use of its facilities for the week long camp.  Camp is held at Rocky Mountain Village in Empire, Colorado.

Children attend the camp with a medical professional like a speech pathologist or an aide.  This is to help increase the communication between the child and medical specialists who are helping to care for that child.  In addition to increasing  independence levels for children, it also helps medical professionals who are able to see what life is like for that child during a typical day.

Parents do not attend the camp, however they can send along an aide to assist their child with personal care tasks.  There are also aides hired by the camp that will assist with personal care tasks if necessary.

Talking With Technology Camp has a special program for siblings of campers.  In addition to activities which hopefully will increase communication between siblings, there are activities just designed to help siblings get out and meet other kids that have a disabled brother or sister.

Fun activities at the camp include fishing, horseback riding, swimming, talent shows, computer time, cook outs, campfire time, and arts and crafts.

Funding which allows Colorado residents to attend the camp is provided by the Scottish Rite Foundation.  All of the camper fees are covered by the group except for the $70 application fee.  The Rollie R Kelly Family Foundation covers the fees for siblings to attend the camp.

It costs $455 for adults to attend the camp if the adult wishes to stay on site.  A fee of $355 is charged if the adult wishes to stay off site.  Fees for personal care attendants are $350.

Children from outside Colorado that wish to attend the camp will be charged a camper fee of $2481.35.

Talking With Technology Camp will be held form July 23rd to July 29th in 2011.  For more information, contact Rose Ogata at 720-77-6250 or email her at [email protected].  For more information, or to get the forms necessary to apply for camp, go to

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