Denver Technological Center

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The Denver Tech Center, or DTC, is a business and economic trading center.  It is located in the southeastern portion of the Denver Metropolitan Center, within portions of Greenwood Village and Denver.  The Denver Tech Center is home to many major corporations and businesses.  Established in the early 1970’s, it is home to United Cablevision, United Artists Cable, and AT&T Broadband.  They all their start in the Denver Tech Center and still have major infrastructure around the center.  John C. Malone and Bill Daniels were early adopters who shepherded in many cable technologies.  These cable technologies are still used today.

Some of the companies that are in the Denver Tech Center are Echo Star Communications, Nextel, Nissan Motor Corporation, Sprint, Dow Jones and Company, and many more.  The DTC Identity Monument symbolizes the center.  It is meant to resemble the framework of a skyscraper.

The Denver Tech Center has been simplified to just big businesses, medium buildings, and some hotels.  One of the hotels there is the Hyatt Regency Tech Center with fabulous accommodations for Denver Tech Center visitors.  Denver Tech Center rode in on the coattails of Colorado’s energy boom of the 1970’s.  It remains a removed metropolis about thirty minutes east of downtown Denver.

When they developed the Denver Tech Center, the simple idea was to establish a truly high-quality environment in which people could work and live.  It was founded with only forty acres.  At that time, it was an unknown concept to develop an office park.  Acquisitions of parcels of land overtime were slow and steady until the center reached nine hundred and nine acres.  It is nationally recognized as one of the countries premier business center and now has over fourteen million square feet of development.

It is the gateway to Denver’s southeast business corridor.  In addition to the businesses that are there, there are also strategically placed hotels, residential apartments, high-end single-family residences, condominiums, upscale retail, specialty shops, and restaurants.  The traffic system within the Center offers a good internal mobility and parking is hidden under buildings or by landscaped berms.  This is done to reduce the visibility of automobiles.

There are approximately one thousand companies residing in the Denver Tech Center and approximately thirty five thousand employees, making it the largest employment center in the Southeast corner.  There are three thousand one hundred and fifty-one multi-family and one hundred fifteen single-family units.

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