Atom Creek

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Atom Creek is a company based in Aurora, Colorado that provides and integrates information technology services with an emphasis on infrastructure, business continuity and security. The company aims to work closely with organizations that need to support and implement Enterprise infrastructures. It seeks to help organizations define business requirements that will drive technology decisions.

Atom Creek serves as a business partner, making sure that the business strategy of an organization is parallel with the IT strategy, leading to a proactive response and business decision that define technology solutions.

Investing in IT infrastructure means better productivity, a resilient and stable infrastructure, security, and business continuity. If you find value in your organization’s IT investment or seek to further understand how to improve your company’s technology infrastructure so as to further support business opportunities and growth, Atom Creek can be your great business partner.

Atom Creek’s professional services include the design, development and maintenance of network infrastructures with the use of the top breed technologies available on the market. It takes pride in keeping its clients and their systems up to date as network solutions and technology evolve. It also aims to achieve balance between security and accessibility.

The company also offers system design and support. Its system engineers have the expertise and background needed to deploy desktops and servers under Microsoft operating systems (OS). They also have the ability to set up Active Directory in various environments – either small or distributed offices.

Aside from setting up and supporting Active Directory environments, Atom Creek also has the capacity to migrate or deploy common integrated products from Microsoft like Exchange Servers. It can help in setting up MDaemon from Alt-N. Other systems support for the deployment of systems can also include FreeBSD or Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Atom Creek offers telephony designs and support. Its telephony engineers effectively designs and set up the Avaya IP office in a distributed topology or small office environments, and can also include home and mobile users.

Atom Creek constantly updates its site with valuable tools, custom solutions to common problems and white papers. Its other resources include AutoHotKey, a free utility for Windows allowing users to use key combinations or keyboard shortcuts to execute commands; mRemote, which helps in managing RDP, SSH, VNC, HTTP, telnet and other connections in a single view; and WikiMedia, which is used for augmenting current intranet.

Atom Creek has partnered with various organizations to offer its services. They include Juniper Networks, Brocade, IBM, VMware, Microsoft and Avaya.

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