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The Denver Tech Center or DTC is a business center in Denver, Colorado that was established in 1962 by Denver businessman George Wallace.  According to the story, George had gotten a new car and drove it to his downtown office.  When he came out at the end of the day, he found that his brand new car had been scratched and vowed to create a business in a place where there was plenty of parking.

To achieve that goal, he purchased 40 acres.  He built his business and then set out to develop the rest of the area he had purchased.  At the time that the land was being developed, locating a business in a suburban area was a relatively new concept.

The DTC project evolved and the goal became to establish a place where people could live and work.  Since that time, the DTC has acquired over 922 acres and has been developed.  Although most of the area is office space, there are also hotels, apartment complexes and condominiums, single family homes, restaurants, and retail shops in the area.  According to statistics, there are over 1,000 companies located in the DTC that employ over 35,000 employees.  There are 3,151 multi-family housing units and 115 single family units.  Three hotels are located in the area and there are plans for three more to be built.  The DTC is located 15 minutes from downtown Denver; 30 minutes from Denver International Airport; and 10 minutes from Centennial Airport.  In addition, most of Denver’s most popular residential areas are within a five minute drive of the DTC.  According to statistics, the DTC is located in an area where approximately 60% of workers can easily travel from their homes.  This means a reduced commute as well as a reduction in the amount of gas and time needed for workers to commute from home to their office.

The emphasis at the DTC is creating an attractive environment that emphasizes people and nature.  Because of this, utilities services are located underground.  Cars can park in underground parking lots or in lots which are hidden by landscaping or located behind businesses in order to not detract from the area.  Public transportation is available in the complex, so people can do their shopping, banking, and other errands without ever using their car or without leaving the complex.  Businesses that develop the area must leave a certain amount of undeveloped land as part of their development agreement.

To learn more about the DTC, visit the website at http://www.dtcmeridian.com/default.asp

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