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Continuing DenverColorado.org’s profiles on notable Coloradans this article highlights the accomplishments of Ryan Heckman. Ryan Heckman was an Olympic athlete and is now a partner in one of the most prominent private equity firms in Denver.

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Ryan Heckman was always going to have a distinguished career. By the time he retired, he had won 3 nationanl titles and he had participated in 4 World Championship games. He also competed in the 1994 Olympic games, where his influence played a great impact in a United States Olympic Nordic teams revival. He eventually retired from the sport in 1997 when he was ranked the 9th best “Nordic Combined” skier in the world. He was the highest ranked American, at the time of his retirement.

The greatest achievement of Heckman’s career did not come from his athletic ability alone. Many credit Heckman with being the one who dragged the United States Nordic Olympic squad from the rear of world rankings in 1992 to the best team in the world. By the time Heckman retired, the United States lead the nordic World Cup points, in 1997. He achieved great things for himself at the Olympic games in 1994, but he also inspired the team he was a part of. That is a rare feat in Olympic athletes, who typically have a single minded approach that only takes into account their own successes and failures. According to Heckman’s Olympic coach Tom Steitz, “Ryan showed the next generation it could be done. He opened the door so that younger athletes such as Spillane and Lodwick could step through.”

The great thing about Heckman was not just his skiing. He was a personality that everyone admired. He refused to accept defeat and he never met a challenge that he did not face head on. Heckman considered lifting the US team to new heights his motivation to excel.

Heckman was not only a terrific athlete but a scholar. He graduated from the University of Colorado summa cum laude. After his graduation in 1998, with degrees in both business and economics, Heckman continued to live in Denver, Colorado. He eventually married his long time girlfriend who was a member of the Varsity Ski Team at the University of Colorado.

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