RTD Bus, Light Rail, and Skyride Systems

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The Regional Transportation District (RTD) is the regional organization that operates public transportation services in eight of the 12 counties in Colorado. Established in 1969, RTD is governed by 15 Board of Directors elected by the public. It currently runs a bus and light rail system that has a service area of 6,050 sq km.


The RTD bus service offers commuters fast and comfortable ride, offering different routes for each type of occasion or rider. This ranges from Local, Regional, Limited and Express Routes for day-to-day travels to specialty rides like RockiesRide and SkyRide. A Trip Planner is also available to help you find the ride that you are looking for from several routes, which serve more than 10,000 stops. You also have the choice to leave your car at your house or at one of the approximately 80 park-n-Ride locations. This will help you save money on fuel, as well as on your vehicle’s wear and tear.


RTD bus service can be connected with services offered by the organization. Several routes operate everyday and schedule may change. All buses also come with bike racks and are wheelchair accessible. Passes and ticket books are available; you can also take advantage of discount fares.


You can also try the RTD light rail if you are heading for school or work, or if you are on your way to restaurants or shopping centers. It has 37 stations on various lines to get you to your destination. RTD’s light rail system offers fast and reliable transportation through southeast, southwest and central metro areas. You also have the option to leave your vehicle at your home or at one of the approximately 20 light rail stations. Indeed, RTD light rail service offers commuters with a stress-free travel without traffic.


The SkyRide is the best option for you if you are heading to the Denver International Airport (DIA). Services come every 15 minutes and at least once per hour, offering a hassle-free, reliable and more affordable ride from and to the airport.


You can catch SkyRide at several locations across the metropolitan area. SkyRide buses operate seven days a week, with a one-way ticket costing $9 to $13 depending on the starting point. Loading and unloading baggage are easy, and parking is also convenient through the park-n-Rides service across the metro.


Sky-Ride service runs between 3:30 am and 1:10 am, with varying schedules. Buses used for this service are also equipped with bike racks and can be accessed via wheelchairs.

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