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Momentum is a business where you will discover a world of meaningful things.  These meaningful things are specifically chosen to satisfy your social conscience and personal style.  The offer everything from handbags to home furnishings to bath products and even baby gifts.  Every item has been crafted by the human hand.  In addition, it tells a story and provides opportunities for employment for artisan groups around the world.

Their name represents purchasing power and collective strength that is causing a change in the world.  On their logo, the hands represent the handmade quality of their crafts and are symbolic to their hands on commitment to their socially responsible business practices.  The heart on the logo represents the integrity of their fair trade principles.

Momentum supports women’s rights, organic farming, sustainable production, fair trade practices, and independent artists.

Their business practices include the following:

o      Green Construction—their space was built using green material when possible.  One such example is their one hundred percent Bamboo Floor, ultra low flow water fixtures, a dual flush toilet, recycled insulation that was made from old cotton clothing, a cash register that was built from Ash trees that were salvaged locally, and reclaimed lumber for the finished design work.  They also used salvaged granite countertops.

o      Using Recycled and Green Materials—for all their professionally printed materials they use recycled paper.  All packing material they receive from their suppliers is reused and recycled.  They also offer, free of charge, any of their recycled packing material to the community members if they need to package and send a package out.

o      Renewable Wind Energy—they use one hundred percent wind power and by using this program, they are able to offset their direct energy needs by buying wind credits for every kilowatt of power they use.  They use the program Xcel Energy’s Windsource. When they participate in this program they are increasing the demand for wind power and helping to reduce the production of pollution.

o      Green Facility Cleaning—to clean their store, they use green cleaning products, most of which they make themselves.  On their website they even have instructions to make your own green cleaning kit.

o      Alternative Transportation Incentives—they encourage all their employees to take the bus to work, bike, or walk.  If they opt to take the bus, Momentum will provide eco-passes to all their full time employees.  The vehicles that they drive are powered by Biodiesel.

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