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Situated at 621 Kalamath St. in Denver, Colorado, Icelantic is an independent, progressive ski company representing a lifestyle that supports adventure, art, passion, innovation and creativity. It boasts its unique and high performance skis, and uses high quality materials, innovative graphic art and American craftsmanship to provide customers with the best experience and products possible.

Icelantic lives up to its mission of living a passion-inspired lifestyle and is dedicated at fostering relationships with customers. Icelantic is also dedicated to partnerships and local processes, since service, belief and convenience are essential in supporting the economy. Quality is its main reason for its local commitment. For more than 15 years, Never Summer Industries has been improving sandwich construction and are known in the industry for their durability. Each product produced in its NS building is handcrafted with skill, attention to detail, and care, which help produce innovative, exciting and durable skis.

Icelantic has a variety of skis to suit the different needs of skiers. If you prefer an early rise tip and tail with camber underfoot, the Keeper is just right for you, as it has an unmatched ability to float through bottomless snow both switch and forward. This big-mountain powder ski is also ideal for those who like to surf the mountain and smear turns, as well as prefer Big Mountain riding.

The Shaman will best suit you if you are looking for a ski that can easily handle any condition. Available with unique shape and artistic design, this ski balances your weight to allow a powerful, forward turn. It offers exceptional maneuverability, with its 160mm tip rivaling even the largest powder skis in stability and floatation.

Interestingly, Icelantic offers Fine Art Giclee prints of topsheet. Through the Giclee process, the company has reproduced the original paintings of Parr to a high standard. It also offers other items such as hats, Sherpa, flannel, sweater, sleeve tee and mission t-shirts.

Another type of ski is the Nomad, which is ideal for those who want to ski all over mountains and in the backcountry. This one ski quiver can handle any snow condition, at ease among peaks and ridges. Ideal for its versatility, the Nomad’s flex and shape give it superb maneuverability, explosive power and remarkable stability. A variety of this is the Nomad SFT, which has the same specifications as the traditional Nomad except that it uses the super-soft Nollie Flex Core.

Other types of skis offered by Icelantic are the twin tip, powerful Pilgrim, park ski Danollie, high-performance Scout and the Oracle, which is ideal for use by women.

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