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Established in 2004, HeadScratchers serves business professionals wishing to enhance their decision making, problem solving and creativity skills. It trains individuals to apply critical thinking methods for real world challenges, leading to better leadership of organizations and individuals and increased overall performance.

HeadScratchers offers unique workshops focusing on critical thinking techniques and tools for solving business problems, challenges and strategies, and decision making. Its open enrollment workshop is held in Denver, Colorado, training attendees in the fundamentals and application of critical thing to real world decisions and problems. It also conducts on-site and customized workshops held at your chosen location. It customizes workshops to your organization, with real exercises and examples coming from interviews with prospective attendees. Attendees learn the concept of critical thinking and apply it in their day-to-day lives. Workshops come in varied formats for teams, executives, managers and individuals.

The HeadScratchers model of thinking uses 30 elements and tools. It has refined many successful business techniques for creative thinking, decision making and problem solving. This model creates a working framework for Critical Thinking, which consists of three components – Clarity, Conclusions and Decisions – surrounded by Ideas, Information and Discovery. It utilizes this framework in the workshops guiding the thinking process as it trains participants on how to use these techniques and tools.

Workshops offered by HeadScratchers are unique in the sense that coaching is also provided. With several years of experience in applying critical thinking in various circumstances, it offers real coaching using critical thinking. In addition, HeadScratchers also speaks at product kickoffs, marketing, sales, off-sites, company meetings and conferences.

With the Critical Thinking for Problem Solving, Decision Making and Creativity Workshop, attendees are provided with an exceptional foundation, techniques and tools for critical thinking in various situations. Using a real world business issue, participants can practice these tools during exercise sessions. This one-day workshop uses templates called Thinksheets as a guide for thinking inside and outside the class.

The Critical Thinking and Advanced Decision Making is a two-day workshop that includes all the materials used from the one-day workshop, as well as added content, case study time and practice. Other topics include Making Fast Decisions, Influencing and Communicating Ideas, Fuzzy Criteria, A 9-Point Risk Model and Template, Analysis Paralysis, Preeminent Metrics, Advanced Decision Criteria, Thinking Outside the Box, Outside the Possibilities and Outside the Probabilities.

Another workshop offered by HeadScratchers is the Critical Thinking for Leaders, a one-day class that compliments a leadership training curriculum. Attendees are taught about the toolset and framework for Critical Thinking and its application to decision making and problem solving. The course consists of the application of critical thinking when influencing, presenting, engaging, enrolling and managing change.

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