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Green Spaces is a workplace where environmentally driven small businesses group together.  This organization started with a vision to forward the green economy.  They had planned on doing it one office space at a time but are now more than office space and co-working.  In each city where they reside, they offer a full service support system to local movements.  This organization has become one of the best places for social entrepreneurship to thrive.

Their features include:

  • Work Space—this includes conference rooms, office space, co-working mailbox, free coffee, WiFi, and a lounge.
  • Starter Package—this package includes services to launch your startup and connect with businesses.
  • EcoPreneur’s Clubhouse—your business is featured onsite at our office space plus your business will be showcased nationwide through our networking newsletter.
  • Event Venue—this includes work shops, film screenings, pop-up shops, and networking.
  • Sub stainable Prices and Interns—this feature supports thriving start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs.
  • Green Operation—this feature offers efficient energy providers, reclaimed furniture, and more.
  • Leadership Salons—this feature mobilizes community change makers for greener good

Green Spaces is a partner to approximately one hundred global and local organizations plus their nationwide newsletter is read by 10,000 socially conscious readers.  Their website receives more than ten thousand hits a month and is home to more than seventy companies part-time and daily.


Green Spaces has locations in every region in the United States.  In addition, there are visions on the horizon for global cities.  Green Spaces has four membership packages to choose from and they charge a Colorado or New York rate.

The Full Time package gives you own desk and costs $325 a month for Colorado and $495 a month for New York.  The Premier Eco Preneur lets you work at a hotel desk or lounge, and so does the Eco Preneur Club and the Day Pass.  The Premier EcoPreneur costs $175 for Colorado and $250 a month for New York.  For the EcoPreneur Club you will pay $50 a month for Colorado and $70 a month for New York.  The Day Pass will cost you $20 day for Colorado and $35 a day for New York.    New York and Colorado are co-working office spaces.

The Start-Up Business Package that Green Spaces offers gives you a safety net when you decide to start your new endeavor.    This is a great organization that believes in working to save the environment.

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