Grand County Businesses Without Borders

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Grand County Businesses Without Borders or GCBWB is a group that was created in 2004 in order to support the businesses in the Grand County community.

Since business owners support communities by volunteering and donation their money to different causes, many in the community felt that it was time to give back and to help support these ventures in order to help them stay in business.

GCBWB has bi-monthly networking meetings hosted by different business owners throughout the county.  This gives the host an opportunity to talk about their business as well as to increase public awareness of the business.  A newsletter, a blog, and a Facebook page also help to get the word out.  Other popular events include the spring networking event and the Fall Business Expo.

Organizers of GCBWB say that for every $100 spent in locally owned businesses, about $68 returns to the community via payroll and taxes.  In contrast, purchasing items at a national chain store results in only about $43 remaining in the community.  When folks buy items online, $0 remains in the community.  In addition, studies have also shown that local businesses donate more to local causes than chain stores.

There is a nostalgic side to the organization too–chain stores are slowly encroaching in the local community and driving small, independent business owners away.  The unique businesses own by local residents are what make the Grand County area a great place to live.  GCBWB hopes to encourage residents to think about not just what they buy, but where they buy.  Before you buy at that large chain retailer, go to the business directory at  You will be shocked to discover the services and products that are being offered in your local community by your friends and neighbors.  Whenever possible, please support them and support your local community at the same time.

Of course, you don’t have to be a business owner to join the group.  Local citizens are also welcome to join in order to learn more about the local business community.  For more information on meetings or on the group, you can call 970-722-7707 or email [email protected].  You can also check out the website at  You might also want to attend the next networking meetin on June 1st.  The meeting will be held at River Supply company from 8:30 to 9:30 am in Pinecone Plaza.  There will be plenty of refreshments as well as giveaways.  In addition, bringing a friend earns you a prize!

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